We have large outsourcing business clientele criteria for offline typing work. Start your offline typing work immediately. Our clients come from various fields such as Colleges and Universities, Business Companies, Most of the work we execute comes from the Educational Field.(OLD BOOKS, OLD DOCUMENTS,NOTES etc) We accept the work on the competitive rates from our clients and after that we need home typists to complete our contract.offline typing job at home is a really good job for all who want to work with the freedom.

Can Anyone Do This home typing job?

If you Have a Computer Knowledge, then YES you can do this Home typing job. Simply follow the Step by Step instructions and start work

What should be my qualification?

You should have basic knowledge of computer typing. You must have your own Email Address. These are the only requirements for doing this work from home job.


Yes, basic skills like typing on computer & knowledge of at least MS-WORD and Internet. These companies they don’t want you to waste time in creating tables & editing different text symbols etc. The work is very simple, just plain text matters. So that you can type fast & can submit the work fast.

From where and when can I work?

You can work from home if you have a computer at home. If you don't have your own computer then also you can work from any cyber cafe or your office. This job gives you the privilege of being your own boss. You can work at your own hours. You will have to spend 6-7 hours in a week on Internet to do this job

How do I get my Payment?

Payment will release on weekly basis (Every Monday). By INTERNET BANKING FUND TRANSFER. (The amount will be transferred directly to your Bank account if you have bank account / If you have bank account, send bank details a/c holders name,account number, branch, IFSC code / If you don’t have bank account, BY DD to your registered postal address.

NO TARGET. NO TIME LIMIT, NO MINIMUM ACCURACY. You can type daily 1 page or 10 pages or 100 pages. HOME TYPING JOB PAYOUT RS.50/- per page. After you complete the work you can submit it on weekly basis , or daily basis to consenttechnologies@gmail.com

You can submit as many as pages you want in a month.

Earn weekly by typing text in Ms-word document from home. Font size, color of fonts, and all other information will be described by us We will provide you a step-by-step instruction file with work.. Follow instructions and get paid highly for every page you type text in ms word.

How To Join?

One time or life time registration fee of Rs.500/-

Pay Rs:500/- (Five Hundred only) By Cash or online transfer( NEFT/ IMPS) to our bank account and after making of payment, mail us the scan copy of the payment slip or transaction id and date of payment incase of online transfer (NEFT/IMPS ) with your name,address, mobile number If you have bank account send bank details(a/c holders name,account number, branch, IFSC code) to admin@typinghomejob.com

After confirmation of your payment, we will activate your account and providing you the registration number. We will send jpeg format ( scanned copies) files to your email id. you can download your work files and start typing work. After completing your work send completed work to consenttechnologies@gmail.com. You will get new files immediately. If you have any doubts feel free to mail us enquiry@typinghomejob.com

Why is the registration fee taken?

The registration fee (Rs.500/-) is taken as a security deposit. Rs.500/- is refundable after 3 assignments you will Complete.

No work without security Deposit?

It is mandatory for the 1st time, because we provide our official data. If work will be provided without any deposit, people are least concerned about the work and we have really faced it suffering huge losses. So we don't have any other option.

Payment Proof

Sample of Work: